Wednesday, April 25, 2012

hard to ignore....but not impossible

You would think that this sight (including the three teetering stacks of flannel and the rug log that I have to step over each time I go past) would be enough to spur me into action when I'm home.  But alas I have spent most of the last couple of nights on the couch, cuddled up under a blanket - too 'tired' from my day at work to do much else. In fact, I'd like to just lay there all day today.  Don't we all just have days like that.... ;-)

Luckily I've recruited my mum (again!) to come over this weekend to dye.  This attempt at scheduling should help me stick to my plan, and soon the place will be awash in wool dust while I snip and rip and cut the lot.  The prep work for the Annual is going well, maybe that's what's causing me to be such a slacker...?  Probably - when I have a lot to do, I usually get it all done....but when I have just a little to do, I often get nothing done.  Inertia.