Monday, April 16, 2012

ta da!

Not universally exciting, I know.....but yes, that is my taxes sitting in my purse, all complete and ready to go out in today's mail. Yippee! I managed to cross off several other things from my long list this weekend, as well, including mostly reducing my inbox to zero (from a whopping 65 that needed tending!) – and I will be responding to the last two right after I finish this post (I promise, xine!).

On the 'fun' docket for today is to dive into the closet and pull out some wool for dyeing, measuring, ripping, and making bundles for my dye-fest later this week....and hopefully there is time for a little play on the sewing machine. It's a somewhat miserable day weather-wise, so I won't be dyeing more slub today....but at least the rain has really greened things up outside. Happy Monday!