Monday, April 02, 2012


Since I arrived home from my business trip only late Saturday afternoon, I tried to make the most of my one-day weekend. That evening, I lazed about and finished reading my book (The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot - recommended reading, for sure!), all the while luxuriously sipping my new tea (from David's Tea - a splurge earlier in the week, but I reckon I deserve it!)

Sunday was a sleep-in, revel in lying in my bed, catching up on blogs, the news, etc. morning. Then I met my mum in town and we headed to check out the Huntsville Art Society spring show. It was nice to see some local works in a casual setting. Fellow rug hooker Diane had some of her fine shading pieces on display and was blowing everyone away. I couldn't resist adding a new mug to my collection - it just screamed Spring to me - and to complete the 6 degrees of separation theory, the potter Karen has been hooking away on a kit from Ann Hallett! Oh, 'tis such a small world!

After lunch with mum, a quick tour of the grocery store, I arrived home feeling a little bit like doing nothing. I forced myself to do something.....and after a short while I was immersed. I figure that even if I'm not doing what I had planned, as long as it's something else that I need to do, it's not a total loss. Yes, the prep for the OHCG Annual is officially started around here....with weeks and weeks more to come!

In between all of this, I flipped through a couple of new books that I picked up last week. Lately I've been getting very frustrated with my photos (which at the same time feeling like even bad ones are better than none....hence what has been showing up here), and I'm hoping that this book will help me in that area. Obviously I still have some more reading to do.....LOL!

Happy Monday everyone!