Monday, May 07, 2012

fast weekend

What a great weekend - so wonderful to have some 'normal' weekend activities.  RUG was great! Many lovely rugs to see and stories to hear....but alas I left without a single photo being shot.  I'm hoping that Wendie took some and shares today and/or that many of the rugs are going to be on display at the OHCG Annual later this month - and I will make a concerted effort to take some.

Yesterday my sisters had a really nice day together in the city.  It's rare that just the three of us get to spend time together (without kids, husbands, other family or friends), so it was good.  Two wonderful meals, lots of laughs and a few new clothes later....I arrived home too pooped to do much (I was also the chauffeur both ways).  This is the only photo I took all weekend - a pillow at Crate and Barrel, with an interesting pattern of swipes of colour. Not very exciting, but better than a picture-less post... :-D)

I've had a bunch of e-mails requesting more details about the sewing on the binding tape....and I will endeavour to take some snaps tonight that will hopefully do a good job of explaining it.  I will try to post either later tonight or if you're curious, you can watch for that...

In the meantime, I'm off to embrace the arrival of Monday.  I think my new skinny jeans will work wonders in that department.  At least I'm hoping so.....LOL!