Monday, May 14, 2012


Happy Monday! 

All in all, it was a pretty relaxing weekend.  I puttered around Friday night, was pretty productive Saturday, and then acted like a regular person on Sunday.  Friday's puttering resulted in the dissolution of several 'piles' that have been accumulating like bunnies around here.  The most dramatic transformation occured on my wool shelves.  Hooking all of those hundreds of squares in Jumbo's border ate up a lot of wool, and my shelves were looking pretty picked over after it was all done.  Before heading to RUG last weekend, I decided to comb the shelves for pieces of wool that had been getting passed by for the last few years – whether I didn't like the feel of the wool, the texture, the weave, or just had too much of the same – and clear it out.  Now when you look at this picture, you will think that I rejected a lot of the wool on my shelves....but really, there was very little taken from here (most of what I brought to RUG really came from the closet - a whole other 'can of worms', so to speak :-) )

The picture above shows the 'before'.  I took another shot once I had put away some of the newly dyed wools (I'm bundling and stripping half - and the other half of every dyed piece is now on the shelves), and now here is a picture of the 'after'....

There is still a few 'holes' in the collection - but with organizing my wool this way, it's very easy to see where the deficiencies lie.  Not only is my wool supply looking replenished, but with a bit of R&R this weekend, I'm feeling rejuvenated, as well.  A great way to start the week! ;-)