Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the highlights

Every OHCG Annual has their best parts - the parts that set the bar high for future hosts. (In case you didn't know, this event moves around the province, held in a different location each year).  This year, IMHO, the highlights were the venue (nice, bright, large space - where for the first time in my memory, you could see each rug bathed in a natural light) and the decorations.  I don't think that there was a single person in attendance who didn't notice the amazing decorations!  Many hands went into crafting all of the flowers and critters, artfully lead by Doris Sanderson and her handy husband, Ron.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the gorgeous butterflies, free-standing bugs, bees or beatles....but I did take a quick snap of all of the magnificent centerpieces on the tables for the banquet.  What you can't really see in the photos is that the base, for each of the 28 pieces, is a knitted and felted pot. 

These photos were just snapped on my iPhone, so some aren't the best....but I really wanted to show the sheer volume and variety of the creations.   Enjoy!