Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Binding begins

Last night I decided to just bite the bullet and get started on binding Jumbo.  I was feeling a little tired to do much more than just sit on the couch, so this was perfect - minimum movement required.  Once I got everything set up, of course!

I unwound my whole roll of black twill tape the night before, washed and rinsed several times while the dye gushed out....then put the whole mess in a folded towel and stomped on it several times to sponge out most of the water.  It was dry by morning...and I set about pressing it last night.  Once all of the wrinkles were gone, I loosely wound it back into a roll.....and then set about trying to convince myself that I should really embroider it before I start.  It was a fierce debate - between my wise self and my tired self....but eventually my wise self won.  So the sewing machine came out, and after a couple of false starts (poor 1st thread choice, lazy lack of bobbin change, etc.)....the words were on there.  I am by no means an expert, but I was pretty happy with how it turned out.  Not quite perfect, but then, few things are....

I am basically using this technique....with a few tweaks.  I am actually sewing the binding tape on the loop side first, then basting the RW in place, and finishing with the tape on the underside of the rug.  I progress through each step, a couple of feet at a time....and have three threaded needles on the go to speed things up.  As I make my way across the edge, I shuffle my body along the couch to keep pace.

And it was pretty speedy.  I ended up getting about 1/6 of it done (~6+ feet) in 3.5 hours of TV time.  Much faster than whipping!  And it's looking very promising that it will be finished in time for displaying at the Annual.... :-)