Wednesday, November 05, 2008

a few things...

1. Kaffe got to see an Ode to Kaffe purse. Yes, isn't that fun?! My rug hooking friend Joan was in one of his knitting workshops and had her house purse in tow. Suffice is to say it did not go un-noticed... ;-)

2. My mum and I have paid our deposit for Hooking in an Impressionistic Style with Doris Eaton and Deanne we'll be heading East again next Fall for some more special mother-daughter time. For details click here. Yes, it's a splurge...but I consider it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take with this dynamic duo. Doris' creations are at the top of my list of rugs I would like to own -- just look at this recent creation, Treetops & Fireflies...yum!

3. If you like to look at old rugs and have some spare time...check out Carol Telfer Antiques. Sadly the auction time has come and gone, but you can still see photos of some gorgeous textiles.

4. The final newsletter is in the mail. Hip hip horray! For those of you who have subscribed, you might notice that it looks a little different this time around. The printer made an error in our favour and used the super-duper copier and paper for the whole thing (which regularly would have cost more than $6 per issue for the printing alone!) I think it looks great...and it's a nice way to end off.

5. I still have no idea what I'm going to be working on next week in my class with Heather Ritchie at Shelburne. The good news is that I'm not leaving until Monday, so I still have time. Right?