Friday, November 07, 2008

HOW TO... attach the long handles to the large handbag

Many people have expressed an interest in using the beautiful Grayson e. leather handles on the large handbag…and so I’ve finally sat down and written out instructions for doing so. I hope they make sense – please let me know if you have any ?????

DETERMINING HANDLE PLACEMENT… Before you begin hooking, you need to decide where the handles will be placed. First, fold your pattern in half – lining up the drawn lines on the both sides. Measure 2.5” in from the left line and lay handle tab in place (so that outside edge is at the 2.5” mark and there is enough room to hook 1-2 rows above) and carefully trace around it with a permanent marker. Repeat on the right with the other tab on the handle (working in from the fold). Flip over and repeat on the other side.

HOOKING AROUND THE HANDLES… Once the tab outlines are drawn, I like to colour the area so that I remember not to hook in this area. When you are filling in background around the tabs, be sure to come right up to the line…and maybe even pack a little more than normal, so that no backing will be visible once the straps are attached.

••NOTE: with these measurements, your seam will have to be on one end (and not in the middle of the front or back of your purse). ••

ATTACHING THE HANDLES… Before you attach the lining to your purse, sew handles into place with coordinating upholstery thread. I like to use two strands of dark brown (it most closely matches the stitching on the Grayson e. leather handles) and I tend to backstitch, likely going around twice (until it looks good).

If the space reserved is a little larger than is needed (i.e. backing is visible when the handle base is placed in the spot), cut a piece of wool slightly larger than the handle base, and sew around the edges of the hole, attaching the piece of wool to the backing, right next to the loops of hooking. Sew the handle on top, and then trim any excess wool poking up (between the handle and your hooking), flush with the tops of your hooked loops.

P.S. The only places I know that carry these handles are London Wul near Moncton and my LYS, Sheep Strings in Huntsville, Ontario. Both Heidi and Karen do mail order ;-)

P.P.S. If you live in the US, Val had kindly provided a link in the comments for a supplier down there. Thanks Val! ;-)