Thursday, November 13, 2008

settled in Shelburne

We arrived safe and sound in Shelburne late yesterday afternoon. The funny thing about going away to rug hooking events is how often you run into someone you know from home. It seems to be especially true when you go out to dinner on your first night in town. Just last month in Amherst, Gayle Gunby and Ann Hallett from Coldwater walked in the door while mum and I were sitting at Duncan's.

It should not have come as a surprise that we ran into Kathy Smith and her lovely, spontaneous 96 year old mother at Pauline's. Oh, and did I mention they're sleeping two rooms over from us at the hotel? It's certainly a small world!

We had great fun shopping at Dorr yesterday morning...and it's a good thing that I only get there once or twice a year. My pocketbook just couldn't handle more frequent visits ;-)

On the schedule for today is going to see the show, a little more shopping...and hopefully some picture taking (I haven't taken a single shot). I've already been able to cross 4 names off my list and it would be great to buy a few more presents for some of the others.