Monday, January 25, 2010

the best part of the weekend....

Along with the normal cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and the much needed pattern-drawing (ugh!), I also had quite a bit of time to spend hooking and creating a new coin purse. While I still have to add the clasp and do a couple of other's very promising. Plus, I think I've devised a fix for the stripey one I abandoned last week (yay!)

The back (above) is my favourite, and I would be happy to have the same twigs repeated on the other side and say goodbye to the butterfly....but ripping out half of what you've done just doesn't fit with my DNA. Yet another example of where an extra 10-15 minutes of planning would have helped, but I was just too eager to get going. The body of the butterfly is hooked with sparkly nylons, which is going to look swell with the gunmetal clasp I've picked out.

The colours started with a piece of royal purple Ultrasuede....and I noticed a funny thing about my wool: I mostly have magenta-purples not blueish-purples. Needless to say, selecting the wool was pretty quick -- I just choose all of them....and mixed in a little magenta! When it was all said and done, I found the perfect batik for the lining in my stash, so I guess it was fate.

With any luck I'll have time this week to finish off both of the clutches...and maybe even start on the next one.