Wednesday, January 20, 2010

felted pillow

When my mum came over on Friday she remembered to bring my pillow with her (I first blogged about it here). After Christmas, she decided to felt it again, for good measure. The finished product is much fuzzier and also a little more hazy looking, but it's also more "together".

The front of the cardigan is now the back of the pillow, and by conserving the buttons, it's easily removable for washing, etc.

It's hard to believe that I first knit this sweater about 20 years ago! What surprises me the most about it is how many lights I used. Was it because that's what I could find in my mum's studio? Or was it what I wanted? I'll never know......but I do know that it's great to have this relic around once again, if only to serve as a reminder that I've done it before.