Sunday, January 03, 2010

Handmades received....

I've been making handmade gifts for as long as I can remember. [One of the earliest was a major flop -- I grated soap and mixed it with water and shampoo to make bubblebath. Luckily there haven't been too many that turned out like gross (and slimy, too).]

A few weeks ago, Wendie and I were having our usual MSN marathon at work....and she wondered about whether or not I received very many handmade gifts (which is what I call items made especially for me by the giver, not by a craftsperson/artist who's a stranger), and if I liked to receive them. To be quite honest, I don't really receive too many of them compared with the number I produce (which, in recent years, has resulted in fewer of these time-consuming gifts being given).

Strangely enough, this year there was a bumper crop of handmades for me under the tree...all beautiful -- and all greatly appreciated ;-)

Wendie made my this cute little fella.

This pretty scarf was knit by my Auntie Betty.

My Mum finished my gorgeous quilt top (and promises to have it finished for my birthday in March...yippee!)

My Auntie Betty knit me the cozy socks I'm wearing today.

There were two other handmades I recieved: an "I love you" candy bracelet from Sienna (did you know they have such toys/kits?) and a felted pillow from my mum.

My mum took one of my favourite Kaffe Fassett cardigan sweaters, felted it, and turned it into a pillow cover (perfect for one of those inexpensive down pillows I blogged about almost 3 years ago!). I haven't worn the sweater in years (I knit it about 20 years ago and it has the boxy look of the 80s), but couldn't bear to part with it it was great to see it given a second life. The pillow was accidentally forgotten at my folks place -- it's so cozy that it hasn't left the couch since it was unwrapped! -- but I will be sure to snap a pic as soon as it comes home.

I think that the key to holiday crafting is to not wait until the last minute to get started. So if you're at a loss for project, you can always get a head start on next Christmas! ;-)