Monday, January 18, 2010

new additions to the library

While at the hook-in this weekend, I was remind of the little thrill that comes with silent auctions. Truth be told, at rug hooking events a silent auction is almost always more desirable than a live auction IMHO. Let's face it, many of the donated items are not big ticket it's a relief to not have to sit though a tedious session of bidding for sales of a couple of dollars each -- and worse, items that no one readily bids painful.

Plus with a silent auction, there's the friendly competition that ensues when you're bidding against friends, the constant checking and incremental bidding on items of interest.....and the requisite hoping and praying that you will remember to return and check the item right before the auction ends. It's the last-minute checking that I need to work on....but obviously I'm getting better -- I came home with two books!

The first book was one I couldn't remember seeing before, but when I mentioned it to AJ, she thought she has the hardcover edition. Me thinks I'm going to have to take another look at her hooking bookcase the next time I'm over -- it's been many since I last did. I'm sure there will be lots of new (old) books for me to flip through, and many books that I glossed over when I first started hooking which would really interest me now.

What I like most about the second book is that it's Canadian. There's even a couple of hooked rugs on the inside pages.....and I saw a moose and some beavers featured on some of the other items - so it's really Canadian, not just in its name! ;-)

I haven't had too much time to check out either of them very thoroughly, yet. They've joined my bedside they will be a part of my evening routine over the next couple of weeks. What is in your book pile, waiting to be read? One of my new year's resolution is to read more and worry less about the time that it takes (and that it takes me away from some of my other favourite pastimes).