Tuesday, January 19, 2010

madness due to my methods

I've been reminded (again!) of how important it is to make notes on your methods. They don't have to be onerous or detailed or even neat....but they are only helpful if they exist. If they're all just stored in your over-used and over-capacity brain, they're pretty much useless. And so are you, because you can't remember what you did last time (several months before). Or at least how you did it.

This pretty much sums up my dye day on Sunday. Too much time was spent figuring it all out again and re-learning what I'd finally realized worked the best. Sometimes when this happens I'm lucky enough to discover and new and improved way of doing things....but mostly, it's just an exercise in frustration, as it was this weekend.

All was not lost, though....I did end up with a pile of pretty wool -- but more importantly, I've made my notes to help me pick up right where I've left off, the next time. Learning the hard way is still learning, right? ;-)