Friday, March 04, 2011

it's good to be home....

...and the best part about being at home? My morning latte...I like it better than Starbuck's (even though I do use a teaspoon of their Vanilla syrup)

Well my own bed is pretty nice, and my shower.....and my hair is loving the well water (free from all of the chlorine and whatever else is in city water....yuck!) Plus I'm happy to report that no one came in and started mixing up all of those wool piles. No one cut any either, though....which would have been nice.... :-D

My goal for today is to get stuff done, but at a relaxed pace. No real expectations for what or how much or how fast. The only deadline I have is that I need to get into town in time for my 1pm massage appointment. Yes, it's going to be a tough day today.....LOL!