Monday, March 14, 2011

welcoming Spring

I woke up in horror on Sunday morning, thinking I had had the longest sleep-in in years -- and it was only from reading someone's blog that I realized it was Spring Ahead Sunday. I guess with all of the horrible events of the last few days, it didn't make the news cycle.

While getting up in the dark is never my favourite, I am really loving that it is still light and bright out for so long after I get home from work. Even at 7pm, when I sat down to eat supper, and still now, it's light out. I had no urge at all to cook tonight-- it almost felt like the summertime. So I made a non-supper: bruchetta and a beer. Not the healthiest choice, but the beer was light and so was the feta, the bruchetta mix was barely oily and the bread was it easily could have been far worse :-D

Hope you're finding lots of fun things to do with your extra hour of daylight...