Saturday, March 19, 2011

super moon

Have you seen the so-called "Super Moon" tonight? It's really quite bright...and what it showed me -- more accurately, reminded me -- is that I need to spend more time learning how to take better photos (but at least it is actually round in this one, not a football like in some of the others....LOL!)

It's more than just the week of the Super's been a pretty super week around here. I'm getting lots of things accomplished and ready for upcoming classes and the Annual, but there's been time for other fun things, too. One thing I've noticed in the past few years is that the older you get, the longer birthdays last. I haven't even had my birthday yet this year (it's in a couple of days), but I've been celebrating since last weekend.

My 'to me, from me' gift arrived on Sunday -- I finally broke down and purchased a set of Addi Clicks for myself. Despite investing a fortune in Turbo needles over the years, I was far from having all of the sizes....and promised myself that the next time I didn't have the size I needed, I would treat myself to the Clicks. The only problem was when that happened (at Christmas to knit Motley), they were sold out everywhere. AB came to the rescue last now I just need to start a new knitting project so I can put them to good use.

Tuesday was tubing with the kids for March Break. Wednesday was a birthday lunch with an old friend and co-worker. Last night was yummy supper + cake at Wendie's (topped off by a virtual trip to the East Coast for a few hours, with a concert featuring David Myles and then the Joel Plaskett Emergency at the Stockey Centre in Parry Sound. Awesome!) Today was more visiting with Wendie + more cake. Tomorrow is a family party (it was my mum's birthday yesterday - so we're having a joint celebration)....and we still haven't even gotten to the 'big day' yet.....

Super moon, indeed :-D