Wednesday, March 30, 2011

meet my newest hook

I'm home again from a little tour and two great classes. My pictures are few (due to a lack of SD card for one class, and being just too busy having fun in the other), but there were lots of good laughs along the way, and I came home with lots of great memories and few new acquisitions.

My favourite new thing is my new hook. Those clever Campbellford girls have been making their own custom hooks out of Sculpy or Fimo and then shaping the handle to their own hands before baking. I was totally blown away by the idea alone – and even more thrilled when Beth whipped out all of the supplies so that I could craft one of my own....oh, how I love instant gratification.... :-D

My initial attempt was a little stubby, so I added onto the end to extend it a little bit into my palm (hence the mismatched appearance of an afterthought on the end). We baked it in the church's oven, and it was ready in no time. It feels so good in my hand -- and of course, it fits perfectly. I can't wait to give it a try!
(and if I don't procrastinate much and get my taxes done, that opportunity will come this I will soon be able to let you know if it's as amazing as I'm predicting).