Thursday, March 10, 2011

new handle shipment

In preparation for the Annual at the end of April, I ordered some more leather handles and they arrived in the mail today. I took a couple of quick snaps when I was putting them is the the current colour spectrum....

Long rolled (L>R): old brown, new brown, amber, new nude, old nude, olive, lime, turquoise, hot pink, red, black....all in leather ($46 per pair) + NEW in suede: denim, red, burgundy, black ($48 per pair)

Urban (T>B): brown, red, hot pink, grape, turquoise, olive, black ($68 per pair • $35 for one)

I didn't think I would ever feel like making another purse.....but I gotta say that I'm feeling pretty tempted lately. Maybe it's just because I know that I don't have time for it right now -- just a fantasy -- or maybe it's because I want to design one with a special iPad2 pocket. Not sure -- but there is lots of time to sort it all out. I can't even think about starting until mid-May, anyway. Maybe by then the novelty will have worn off (and I can devote all of my spare time to working on Jumbo ...)