Thursday, March 24, 2011

very close

Right this minute, I'm very close to crossing several things off of my list...
  • fitting this no-longer-quite-so-big roll of rug warp under my bed (it's sure shrinking at an incredible rate)
  • being ready for my workshop this weekend -- and another one early next week (it always takes longer than I think it should -- and usually uses up all of the time I have)
  • making something I can eat for supper (yes - that's the real time....I've been busy!)
  • having an overnight bag packed and ready
  • choosing a colour for the smart cover on my new iPad 2 (fingers crossed I get in line early enough tomorrow....)
  • sitting down to relax and watch Grey's Anatomy (the first new episode in a month!)
  • finally posting something new on my blog (sorry it's not more exciting...)
Back soon with lots of stories....