Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Time will tell. I've been busy drawing and designing a new purse over
the last few days. I'd been wanting to get to it for a while now, but
it was always getting pushed down the to-do list.
Just like my mum, I work best with a deadline...and since I'm going
down to visit Wendie this weekend, and we're going to a hook-in, and
I'm not currently hooking on anything, and I've got these gorgeous
olive leather handles that are begging to be used, and I'm getting
bored with the tote, and....and...I just wanna, I finally have a
pomenagranate pattern drawn on a piece of rug warp.
....and before you start thinking that I'm a few days ahead of
schedule, you should know that I'm actually leaving tomorrow for a
business trip (and stopping at Wendie's on the way home. So, I really
should be hooking right now instead of typing -- it would be helpful
to have an idea if my planned wool is going to do the trick
(preferably before I pack)
Back soon with an update...