Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why didn't I listen?

Sometimes a little voice in your head says "I don't think this is
going to work...". But you ignore it. Sometimes on purpose, because
you're pretty sure that you planned accordingly and that, in the end,
it will be okay. Other times, you just trudge ahead, because you're
afraid that it might be true, and you don't want to switch to Plan B
-- or you don't have one!
When I was sewing the pom purse together on the weekend, this little
voice started as a quiet whisper...but it soon became a terrified
screech. Sadly, not soon enough.
In short, my flap wasn't long enough. Much ripping out of both hooking
and even whipping (that's what you call true denial), re-hooking
(without a frame), more sewing, and further trimming....resulted in
the surgical removal of the flap. The pom purse is now flapless, but I
think it will survive.
...Just a bit of final finishing is left to be done. Part of another
evening should do it...and then (once all of the bandages have been
removed) the grand reveal will soon follow.