Thursday, June 11, 2009

gingher love

My dad has a theory about buying tools...and I think that it apply to all tools, whether they be for woodworking or rug hooking: buy the best there is, and if you can't, buy the best you can afford. In my mind, there are simply no better scissors for rug hooking that then ones made by Gingher.

I must confess that I have more than just one pair - and more than the two pairs shown in the photo. I actually have three pairs. But I haven't always had this many pairs...

I started off with one pair and it was several years later before I purchased my second pair (I was down at Dorr and the combination of no tax and a good exchange rate made me weak). I quickly adapted to having two pairs, and quite liked always being able to find at least one of the pairs fairly quickly. That was until last Fall, when I could not put my hands on either pair. Panic set in and it was several hours before I could rewind my mind enough to help me find one pair, but only one. I could not find the second pair, even though I's searched for quite some time and felt as though I'd looked everywhere.

I finally came to terms with the fact that they were "gone" and I decided that it was time to replace my lost pair (again, back at Dorr with no tax and an awesome exchange rate, last Fall).

Another one of my Dad's sayings is that if it's not where you think it is, it must be where you think it isn't. Not exactly the advice you want to hear when you're frantically searching for something....but it's all too often true. I'd completely forgotten about packing up a collection of supplies for doing miniature punch on the train - and several weeks later I found my 2nd pair hiding in a ziplock bag, along with an assortment of other tools.....when I was looking for a pair of gloves!

I quickly hid my third pair away for safekeeping, adding a tag that clearly marks them as being "new ones"....because as self-indulgent as I am, even I can admit that no one needs three pairs of hooking scissors in regular circulation! ;-)

Last week, I treated myself and expanded my Gingher family of scissors. It was love at first sight when I first spotted the Cheetah handled sewing shears at my local Fabricland store several months ago, and I've been eyeing them ever since. I've almost bought them twice, but both times I've been saved by arriving after the store had closed. The rest of the time, I've exhibited tremendous self-control and been able to resist temptation - until last week, when there was 50% off storewide - and I finally succumbed. I have no regrets.