Saturday, June 06, 2009

Saturdays are for playing

....and for vacuuming, organizing, dusting, book-keeping, and other boring, but necessary chores....but sometimes other things get in the way of keeping house.

A couple of months ago, I ordered a bunch of slub yarn, in anticipation of dyeing it and adding it to my selection of wares for the Annual. As luck would have it, it was back-ordered and delayed, and although I was hopeful (right up to the day before leaving) that it would arrive in time, it only arrived this past Tuesday.

I was filled with excitement as I opened the box discover the contents were not as I had thought. The wool was much finer and thinner than I was expecting and my elation quickly turned to worry (as ca-ching, ca-ching was playing over and over in my head - it was a pretty costly box). I hurriedly wrote to the company and questioned whether I'd received the wrong yarn and they reassured me that it would fluff and full when washed. I still wasn't convinced, so even though I had a long list of mundane tasks ahead of me, one of the first things I did today was to dye a skein of the wool.

Although I have dyed bolts and bolts of wool yardage, my experience with yarn is quite limited. I should have had a little more faith....because just like a yard of wool fabric changes when it's been dyed and/or washed, so too does wool yarn. All is well....and I was quite happy to discover that I don't have the world's most expensive box of rubbish on my hands -- it's more like a box of unpolished treasure.

With a long list of other chores demanding my attention, I'm going to delay more dyeing for another day...but I am looking forward to later this summer when I can again play, and put some beautiful colours on skein after skein of this glorious yarn.