Friday, June 19, 2009


I caught my thumb in a filing cabinet drawer at work this week - in the heavy-duty fire-proof one, of course! While it's finally stopped throbbing, I'm convinced it's left the largest blood blister I've had in 36 years (you can kinda see it in the following picture).

Since it's still quite tender, it has provided me with another excuse for procrastinating the start of my next purse. I'm a little worried that by the time I actually get around to hooking on it, I will have used up all of the momentum and ideas that I've had over the last few weeks and I'll "over it" before I get started. So, I'm really going to try to get going on it this weekend -- I know that once I start, I'll be finished before I know it.

I already have a good idea for my 4th purse, but I'm making myself wait until I finish #3 before I start that one....

In the meantime, I've been knitting away on my shawl this week. I keep wavering between liking it, loving it and hating it.....but still I keep going because I've decided that when it's finally finished, if I still don't like it, I'll just overdye it. We don't have this luxurious option with our hooking, do we? But just as with hooking, every row I add seems to change the look of the I won't really know how I feel until the very end.

Have a great weekend....I'll be back on Monday.