Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 1

Before I could start hooking -- since I'm starting in the middle -- I had to roll and truss some of the backing, to try to keep it out of my way. Did I tell you how heavy it is? It weighs 11.5lbs right now....so it was at least 11 lbs before the first loop was pulled. I'm a little concerned about the weight, so I actually pulled the piece completely off the frame last night. I also placed a little side table beside me to help reduce the pulling (just from the sheer weight of it), and also help to keep the jelly roll out of the way of my left (underneath) hand while I'm hooking.

I was thrilled with my progress yesterday: 1% of the overall size! Just to have an idea of the scale, the black cross is 15" across (and tall). The little plus sign in the middle is 3" tall. The colours in the picture are off -- the outside of the half-completed cross is more of a light green.

The beginning is always so exciting. I had to force myself to go to bed, because I easily could have hooked into the wee hours. I hope this early momentum lasts for a long time.... ;-)