Tuesday, May 04, 2010


In the flurry of activity during the week before the Annual, I did manage to get the hooking finished on Simple, the tape sewn in place, a border hooked and the final finishing completed (did you read about my secret weapon yesterday? The glovers/leather needle should become your new best friend).

I think I still have a few things to learn about attaching your rug binding tape to the backing -- specifically about how to avoid undesirable waviness and buckling -- but I cannot fault the speediness of this method of finishing. As someone who already loathes the amount of time it takes to whip (I once calculated it took me an hour per foot of circumference), I think I will have a hard time convincing myself to whip my rugs in the future. Instead, I'm going to go on a quest to find more colours of twill tape to add to my collection.
Simple is one of 12 designs I've included in my newest creation: The Amazing Matrix booklet. The booklets had their debut at the Annual at the weekend, and while I sold out there, I've already got the printer making more. They should be available in the next couple of days.
P.S. If you click on any picture, it will enlarge in another window....

P.P.S. The booklets are now back in stock ;-)