Wednesday, May 12, 2010

dyeing before dinner?

Yep! Only nine skeins, but it was just windy and warm enough tonight for it to mostly dry, before the sun went down. My favourite Orillia sisters were requesting chartreuse and turquoise at the Annual, so I wanted to get a little done before R.U.G. this weekend. It's definitely a little different than I'm used to dyeing, but it looks nice and bright and summery....and I must say it's kinda growing on me.

Having a strong wind blowing really fluffs up the wool. I had suspected as much the last time I dyed, but I did a little more experimenting tonight to confirm it. The first wool I put out (when it was more windy) is more fluffy than the skeins I put our later on (when the wind had died down a bit). I think it's challenging enough to find a day when I'm in the right mood and I have enough energy and I have enough time -- now it seems I have to plan around the wind, too.... ;-)