Monday, May 17, 2010

new to you...I mean, me

It was a perfect weekend. Just the right amount of adventuring, reading, hooking, visiting, sleeping in, sunshine and laundry. Well, the perfect amount of laundry would be none, really -- but I do like clean clothes ;-)

My surprise acquisition at R.U.G. this weekend happened during the live auction, where I successfully bid on these three old rug hooks. The longest one has an antler handle....and the two coloured ones are very similar. I had originally though they were two different sizes (which is why I purchased both of them), but now that I have them at home I can see the hooks are virtually identical. Does anyone know anything about these two hooks? Something about them suggests commercial manufacturing....

I'm happy to add some antique rug hooks to my collection -- which until this weekend consisted of only one old hook. It helps to link our craft to the past.