Thursday, May 20, 2010's a secret

Things have been quiet for a couple of days because I've been working away on my "stocking challenge" contribution....and it's supposed to be kept under wraps until the big reveal at the Circle of Friends hook-in in July. This morning I had the brainwave that I could just disguise the photo in Photoshop and that might appease everyone.....

I've been having fun incorporating some leftover bits of my silkworms and silk snakes into this piece, and playing around with different ways of hooking with them. Here are some of the different things I've been doing....
  • twisting the strip as I hook it, turning it from a wide, floppy, flat piece into more of a string or thin rope, for a more pronounced loop
  • folding the piece in half or in thirds (lengthwise, tucking the cut edges inside) as I hook, for a smoother appearance
  • bunching up the wider pieces....hooking with the whole width, for a more ruffled look
  • doubling up the thinner pieces (since some of my leftover bits are quite wonky and irregular -- there all the drips and drabs remaining from cutting the more perfect ones I sell). I just tuck skinny ends underneath a wider section and, in effect, hook with two pieces at once....and this create more fullness in the loops.
I really love the added sheen and new texture using the hand-dyed silk is lending to my work. You could try similar techniques with all kinds of different fabrics (or linings). Throw in some liberal amounts of slub and yarn....and it's playtime!