Thursday, January 13, 2011

I blew my diet in a big way... wool diet, that is! ;-) Late last Fall when I was at Dorr, I picked out just a little bit of wool and arranged to have it shipped, along with an open roll of rug warp. My sister kindly picked it up for me when she was down in the city earlier this week, and I've been having fun unpacking it all.

Some will be washed to use 'as is' and the rest will be dyed eventually. In fact, seeing it all together at once kinda makes me feel like calling in sick for a couple of days and having a big dye daze. But alas, I am heading north tomorrow for a coin purse workshop, so maybe dyeing will have to wait for a week or two before I can break into the bolts.

Speaking of bolts, up until now I've always bought my rug warp by the bolt.....but this time around I bought an 'open roll' (56 yards, I think). I am really looking forward to having it all be nice and straight (and not skewed like it gets when it's folded in half and wound onto the cardboard into a bolt) -- once I find a place to store it, that is! (it's 60+ inches long) For now, it's keeping Jumbo company - and I have two elephants in my living room! Hopefully I will be able to make room to hide them somewhere.....and soon!