Monday, January 17, 2011

Up close and personal....

ˆ Mary's Hooters

ˆ Wanda's Flutterby

ˆ(my Aunty) Betty's own creation

ˆ Martha's Klimt

ˆ Doris' Hooters

ˆ Sue's Tweets

ˆ Barb's own kitties

ˆ Beth's Tweets

ˆ Beulah's Flutterby

ˆAnne's Mary

ˆ Elin's Hooters

ˆ Barb's Free

ˆ (my mum) Mary's Mary

ˆ Nona's Heaven

Thank you for all of the coin purse love -- and you are so right, they are all gorgeous! It never ceases to amaze me how different the same pattern can look when hooked by different people. The possibilities truly are endless.

My mum's was the only CP that still needs its frame glued — she kindly offered to wait and have me do it another day. Big thanks and warm hugs to all of the North Bay ladies for a fabulous weekend — I had a blast!