Thursday, January 13, 2011


Despite a little mishap in the kitchen (the incompatibility of hooking and cooking strikes again!), I was able to finish hooking Solo on Wednesday night. It was definitely a little awkward and slow going at first, but eventually I caught on. I had to change my technique a little bit, and use my thumb and middle finger to do all of the underneath work.....and while I was maybe not quite as fiddly as I might have otherwise been, I like it all the same. It's a good thing, since it will probably take several weeks for my nail to grow enough that I will be able to stand having pressure on it.

Oh, when will I stop being such a klutz?

I'm taking a break from cooking this weekend and heading north for a workshop/girls getaway weekend....beginning with a trip to a wonderful yarn shop tomorrow afternoon. See you Monday with a full report....and have a great weekend!