Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Week 22: 44.6 square feet

I did it! After a couple of long days of sitting at the frame, I achieved my goal of finishing off the centre of Jumbo before the end of my holidays.....and I humbly confess that I am totally loving it.....

There are maybe one or two spots I might want to change, but I am going to let it all settle take another look with fresh eyes when I return to work on it later in the year. I have a pretty full schedule for the next few months – between work, teaching and getting ready for the Annual.....I also have a couple of smaller projects I would like to work on. So I am going to be rolling up Jumbo this afternoon, with plans to haul it out again sometime in May.

•FYI• Current weight is 26 pounds and actual dimensions are 60.5" by 96.5" (vs charted dimensions of 63" by 102"), so the real hooked area is only 40.5 square feet (44.6 charted)