Tuesday, December 23, 2008

cleaning up...

...Just popping by to say "hi!"

The final preparations for Christmas are coming together, and I've temporarily taken up residence at my folks for the holidays. Between cleaning, wrapping, packing, tidying, baking and shopping...there hasn't been time for any hooking, yet.

I have heard back from Julie regarding the snowman pattern and she says that I can "just share the pattern"...so that is what I will be doing early in the new year. I still want to make two more snowmen over the holidays - one for a gift and the other one for me to keep. My plan is to take lots of pictures during their assembly and then blog all about it afterwards.

Over the past weekend, I took some time to do a bit of tidying up at my place. Wool had been piling up all over the place and I finally got it back into some semblance of order. As much as I try to keep things organized....it always gets back into disarray eventually. I have a lot of plans for projects I want to work on in the new year and rather than waste the first few days in January sorting everything out, I did my reorganizing in December this year. Some of you might recall that I did a similar thing a year ago.

When I organize my shelves this way, I don't like to include any really narrow pieces of wool, so everything that's less than 3-4" wide gets tossed into a basket in the corner. Over the last year, this process has yielded two big baskets!

Since I mostly hook with a #8 cut, I decided to just sort all of these small scraps by colour and then proceeded to cut them all. Hour and hours and a sore back and wrist later, they were mixed with my other leftover strips and transformed into these overflowing bins of colours...

Now, if that doesn't inspire me to get hooking, I don't know what will!