Monday, December 08, 2008

stocking workshop recap...

Well it was a very busy day on Saturday! Once again, I forgot to take photos...sorry!

After teaching the same purse workshop so many times, this first stocking class was a challenge and a learning experience for me, too. People were very interested to learn more about making their own versions of our family stockings. A few struggled in figuring out the basic stitch - and if any of you are reading this, I have a couple of additional tips for you:

1. If you run the back of your hook along the row in which you'd like to be hooking - as though you're trying to draw a dark line with a hard pencil - it can help to separate the burlap threads a little bit (making it easier for you to locate the desired hooking row).

2. To make it easier to figure out where to hook the checkerboard at the toe....count 22 threads up from the lowest point in the foot. Hook one row all of the way across (in every-other hole • every 2 threads). Start hooking the checkerboard from the top, and work your down to the bottom.

Please share these tips with your friends on Wednesday (or sooner!) ....and thank you again for a really great day! Happy hooking!