Friday, December 19, 2008

tiny hats

I've knit several of these hats and used the same basic recipe for all of them, even though the materials and the needles have varied. It's worked out perfectly, since the snowmen heads are all different sizes - there's always one that it fits! ;-) The other nice thing about them is that they are a really quick knit - even for a slow knitter like me - so you can always just knit another one if it's not the right size. (Not to mention the fact that you will want to - they're lots of fun and a little addictive).

The smallest needles I have at home are 3.5mm, so this is what I used (except when I was up at my folks and I used my mum's 2.75mm needles to knit a couple of hats). I find it way faster and easier to knit it flat on just 2 needles and then sew up the seam in the back, instead of using 4 needles. If you prefer to knit in the round, you'll have to adjust the pattern accordingly (change all purl rows to knit rows).

Use any leftover bits of sock yarn or other fine yarn. I think that hand-dyed yarn looks very pretty.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Cast on 44 stitches.

Knit 4 rows of 2 by 2 ribbing (knit 2, purl 2, and repeat).
Knit 2 or 4 rows of stocking stitch (knit first row, then purl the next row). 4 rows makes a taller hat, so you can fold up the ribbing.

Start Shaping...
1. K8, K2tog, K2, SSK, K16, K2tog, K2, SSK, K8
2. Purl
3. K7, K2tog, K2, SSK, K14, K2tog, K2, SSK, K7
4. Purl
5. K6, K2tog, K2, SSK, K12, K2tog, K2, SSK, K6
6. Purl
7. K5, K2tog, K2, SSK, K10, K2tog, K2, SSK, K5
8. Purl
9. K4, K2tog, K2, SSK, K8, K2tog, K2, SSK, K4
10. Purl
11. K3, K2tog, K2, SSK, K6, K2tog, K2, SSK, K3
12. Purl
13. K2, K2tog, K2, SSK, K4, K2tog, K2, SSK, K2 (16 stitches remain)
14. Purl
15. K2tog all the way across row (8 stitches remain)
16. P2tog all the way across row (4 stitches remain)
17. K2tog all the way across row (2 stitches remain)

Finishing... Pull yarn through 2 loops. Use tail from cast on to sew up seam.

As you will quickly discover, it's a very simple pattern and you will quickly have it memorized. If you like to work with stitch markers you can add them in, but I find it's easy to see where the decreases go.

P.S. This is my first ever shared knitting pattern and I know it doesn't conform to the standard set-up. Sorry! I hope you can decipher it....