Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Faces by Diane Phillips

I've long been a fan of Diane's work....and I was curious to see what would be on display at the show, since Diane was one of the featured artists. Amongst the work in the show were several of her marvelous hooked faces. Here is a sampling....

....and I saved the best for last -- this beauty currently resides with me! (Diane and I made a trade, and I couldn't be happier.)

Seeing all of these faces has ignited a bit of a spark in me to get back to work on my grandparents project (hooked portraits which incorporate pieces of each of their clothing). I took Diane's class a few years ago and started by hooking my Nana....but I really struggled with the eyes (and my family all agreed that it did not look at all like her. I think it was due to the pop-eyes, as the hair and the face were pretty good). Maybe it would make a great project for the new year....and I can put to use some of the things I learned while hooking Dapple Aimee?