Monday, November 09, 2009

Hooked Rug Seminar at TMC Continued....

Close-up of a Grenfell Prayer Mat - an unusual design for a Grenfell.

A rather large Cheticamp Rug

I'm pretty sure this is the back...

I loved this inch mat from Skellerton NS. We were reminded about the importance of documentation and photographs....and how they really add to the collection when they accompany a rug. The other geometric rug hails from PEI

I loved the simple geometric design from Lunenberg County NS. It reminds me of a quilt with all of the arrows....

This flower basket rug is an Ontario rug from 1920-30...from the front

...and from the back.

I love the striped charcoal background and the simple orangey birds

The subtle striping in the wings and tails were created by the wool

Such a great hit and miss background on the Mennonite Bunny rug from 1884

How fun is this rug? I love the googly eyes and the simple background

In this picture you can see the random directional hooking on the horse's face

I loved the background in this rug - so many olivey greens. This rug likely dates from 1880-1890 and was hooked by Elizabeth Martin from Wallenstein ON

This is the back - you can see it hasn't faded too much....more with the flowers than the background....

This is the largest rug in the Museum's collection

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the back....