Thursday, November 05, 2009

M.P. by O.P. (progress report from Manistee)

The last few days have brought a flurry of mail -- lots of e-mails and quite a few parcels, too. I was so happy when Joanne sent me some pictures of the girls' purses in progress. The group's first one is completely finished....and a couple look like they will soon follow. Since Joanne didn't provide an accompanying list of names, I am doing my best to remember back six weeks or so....fingers crossed my memory serves me well.

Jewelee's Cornflowers

Bee's BarJello

Jeanie's Skeleflora

Alaina's Pomegranates

Mary's Birds

Donna's Peonies

Joanne's finished purse - with the most perfect lining ever!

Don't they all look great? So many different colours, styles, interpretations....the possibilities are endless. I can't wait to see more of the finished products. ;-)