Thursday, November 19, 2009

SNAPpy service

My beloved Snapdragon hooking frame did not survive the flight home from Nova Scotia quite as nicely as I did. I contacted the manufacturer by e-mail and they could not have been more pleasant, more helpful or more speedy in fixing my problem. If I wasn't already totally in love with their product, this recent experience would definitely give me a big nudge in that direction.

My new parts - including a new set of legs (the "slant" just wasn't working for me when I was working on my couch - the top was too close to my face, so I also ordered different legs to lower the height of the frame) - arrived while I was away.

Apart from holding my backing tight-as-a-drum, my second favourite feature is the ease with which it's released - and the fact that the wool yarns and fleece I've been hooking with of late don't get all shredded and fuzzy on the back (since the tension is completely released with a snap of the paddles - not by pulling it off of the gripper strips, like with other frames).

I can't wait to try it out this weekend, along with my pretty new hooks....

They were purchased from Molly Colegrove (who is in the process of setting up her web-site, so please check back....)