Sunday, November 29, 2009

M.P. by O.P. - Bala Bag Finishing Class

I've been really blessed the last couple of classes - they have been filled with some amazing ladies. And some pretty great rug hookers, too! ;-) The only reason I haven't yet posted about my class in the Lower Diamond Barn (even though it's vying for the spot of favourite class ever!) is that I forgot to take pictures. Not a single one. I guess I was just too busy having a wonderful time, that I plum forgot....and I apologize ladies. I will be happy to post any pictures that you send and it would be great to see your finished bags (hint, hint!)

I did remember to take some pictures yesterday at Martina's though (even though it was great day, with nice people)...but I am missing one of the bags -- and almost all of the others had to be unpacked for their photo op.

Sewing a purse together involves several steps and completely finishing a purse in one day is pretty ambitious -- not because it's hard, but because your fingers get tired and maybe a little sore (from all of the fine hand sewing) and you need to take a break. The participants all made some good progress on their bags....and will hopefully be sporting them around town very soon.

Sylvia's Pomegranates

Clare's Bullseyes

Martina's Pomegranates

Jacki's Pomegranates

Pat's Skeleflora