Friday, November 27, 2009

my new book

I am pleased to say that my paperwork baskets are empty once again. Well, almost empty. I did end with with a few cards and such that I didn't really have a better place for, and since they are things I want to keep and remember... this way I'll be able to revisit them the next time I sort out my baskets. How is that for justification? ;-)

Do you get swept up in the fear that a new notebook is too good to use or that you're going to ruin its perfection with the first entry? I often suffer from that problem -- as evidenced by a lack of full notebooks (and more than a few empty ones). I rediscovered this cute book in my basket...

So I customized the front cover (since I gave an identical book to my mum for Christmas last year)....and started combing through my little notes and slips of paper, copying down all of the interesting bits -- right into the book!

The book is covered in Amy Butler prints and there are lots of her doodles and designs in the inside pages, too....but I think one of the best parts is it's size - small enough to fit in my purse (especially since I'm using a Bala bag these days :-) ), yet big enough to write in. I also love that the lines are drawn, as opposed to ruled. The colours are pretty nice, too, and very calming.

So far, I've used it two days (out of only two), so I'm batting a 100 already! ;-) I hope I can keep it up -- and I think that writing the date "Winter 2010" on the outside will encourage me to actually use it -- and not just save it for the really, really important or particularly good stuff. Fingers crossed that I am write. (sorry...could not help myself!)