Monday, November 30, 2009

M.P. by O.P. - Bala Bag Finishing Class (Part II)

I must have been sleepy last night when I wrote my post - I forgot to add Kim's picture. Kim is a new hooker, and she's chosen a purse as her first project. She didn't get her hooking done in time for the class (life happened), but she was happy to come out and spend the day hooking with us. She got quite a bit done. Yay Kim!

Jan send me a couple of snaps today, and you can see her and her purse in this photo (first on the right). I love the effect of the black/cream plaid used in the background. I cannot get enough of those black and white tweedies. Mmmmmm.

(I'm holding Martina's purse - she was downstairs with a customer)