Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just a taste... (and a tease!)

Today we had the fortunate opportunity to be able to tour the summer home of Electra Havemeyer Webb, The Brick House. It was a real treat - 43 rooms decorated in the style of the 1930s....complete with 80 some hooked rugs. I took pictures of almost all of them....and will share them real soon, but in the meantime, here are just a couple of the rugs.

These two rugs in particular stand out because of the interesting story behind the rugs' design. The rugs were intentionally hooked to look like linoleum, since the maker could not afford to but it for her house. Can you imagine?

I love the squares that appear occasionally in the off-white borders....that and all of the various backgrounds used within each of the "squares"....oh and the different flowers and leaves in each one....and how big they are...and all of the different reds, oranges and pinks.....and....and....

I will try to post again before we leave bright and early on Monday morning....but not to worry -- I'll fill you in eventually on the other rugs from the Brick House and lots of great rugs from the show, too.