Thursday, November 26, 2009

there's just no escaping it...

Yep. My basket of paperwork had already spilled over into another....and now the second (bigger) basket was full. Since I got my H1N1 shot the other day - and my arm has been too sore to hook since - I decided that I couldn't procrastinate the paper work any longer.

I started sorting it all into piles....bills, receipts, pictures, recipes, instructions, important notes, sketches, etc. Actually, I really started by pulling my recycling bin out from under the sink, and placing it right beside me! It's amazing how many things I collect in my basket(s) - some because they are actually important papers....but often I put things in there just to get the out of my way (because I can't decide what else to do with it or where else to put it). So it's always a little bit of a surprise when I finally get around to sorting it all out.

Because I've been remiss on updating the books for my little business....and the stacks of receipts and sales had been growing since September, I'm sad to report that the saga will continue again tonight (oh, if only I could afford to pay someone to take care of these pesky details....) Luckily it shouldn't take too long, since I also need to do a few last-minute preparations for my class this weekend at Martina Lesar's. Speaking of Martina's, Wendie did a great post on her recent visit to the log cabin studio -- you can check it out here.