Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Giveaway #3

In my third year of blogging, there was a lot of stuff happening! Scrolling back through the entries, I can't believe I was so productive! In addition to designing and hooking 4 new Bala bags, I also created my first batch of silk worms, taught my first stocking workshop, met Heather Ritchie for the first time, rode the train all the way to Nova Scotia and home again taking pictures on my iPhone all the way, went to Cheticamp with my mum, cleaned my shelves for the ??teenth time, made my first Snow Folks, finally broke down and got a Snapdragon and stopped looking at frames, said farewell to a favourite uncle, did a lot of dyeing, had my first booth vending at the OHCG Annual, and dyed my first slub. And then I was tired!

Back at the very beginning of my third year of blogging, I was posted about my attendance at Deanne's 2nd Symposium, including a little post about African Threads.

While flicking back through my posts I realized that I still haven't done anything with these lovely embroideries.....and would like to share one of them with you (your choice).



If you are interested in one of the African Thread embroideries, please leave a comment and answer the following question: "If you're going on a holiday, which is the best rug hooking event to attend?" If you've been far away to attend rug hooking schools, symposiums or other events, I'd really like to know which one was your favourite. If you've not yet had the opportunity, what is your dream rug hooking holiday? (...and please don't forget to include your embroidery preference :-) )

• • • • • • • • •

On Thursday November 3rd, I will randomly draw for this giveaway, using only the comments recorded below. The lucky recipient will be announced on Friday November 4th.

All readers are welcome to comment on any or all of the giveaways – the only thing that I ask is that you check back here on the 4th to see if you are one of the lucky ones. I want to get the parcels out quickly, so I will need the winners' mailing addresses ASAP (and I'd really like to mail any US parcels when I go to Shelburne the following week....for faster delivery and cheaper postage).