Saturday, January 03, 2009

another angel gets his wings

When I was ten years old, my mum and I traveled from Australia to Canada for a holiday and to visit relatives. While we were here, I spent at least a week traveling alone with AJ and UB in their 5th wheel. UB and I went out fishing daily, I played with their dog Copper, and I soaked up all of the attention as only the youngest of three girls can. It was the beginning of a special relationship.

Later, when I was in high school, AJ and UB moved north and lived just half an hour from our house. We had never lived so close to family before and we saw one another often for supper, helping with home projects, special occasions, etc.

UB made my first frame when I started hooking and gave me my first hooks. It was difficult to tell who was happier that I was hooking – AJ or UB – they were both very encouraging. As the years went on, he made me several more hooks....and practically every loop I’ve made has been pulled up with one of my Uncle Bob’s handmade hooks.

Sadly, my Uncle Bob passed away on New Years Day, just five and a half short weeks after being diagnosed with cancer. Robert Armstrong was an amazing man. He was a great storyteller, an avid outdoorsman, an excellent woodworker and craftsman, a loving and doting husband and he had the patience of Job.
I miss him already.