Thursday, January 15, 2009

recent knitting projects

It seems like I've been doing more knitting than hooking lately, so I thought I'd share some of these projects over the next few days.

Several people have inquired about my latest knitting project... It's a cropped sweater from the Designer Mini Knits book by Jenny Watson. I picked up both the book and the yarn at Sheep Strings, just after Christmas. I'm still infatuated with those stripey Noro scarves and so I modified the pattern to be able to knit stripes, just for fun. It worked up really quickly, mostly because I was curious to see how the colours would come together and how the stripes would be arranged - especially since every ball is different. Since I used 1/2 size larger needles, it did take more wool (2 balls more than the pattern called for - but I'd already been warned that the suggested quantity (4 balls) was skimpy). The other lesson that I learned - after knitting the first sleeve 3 times - was to check for errata prior to knitting (yes, there's a mistake in the book!)

I'm hoping to finish up the ribbing tonight....and then it will be time to choose buttons!


When I was down East in October, I bought some yarn. Well, quite a lot, actually. Some of it's already been made up into something fun...but there is still quite a bit waiting its turn. One of favourite finds was a skein of Uni Kat yarn at Heidi's London Wul. It was a very special skein, and I tried a couple of ideas, but none of them were worthy...until I tried this free Knitty pattern...

The best news? I think I have enough yarn left to knit another one! ;-)